This website is started to save Indian Economy by creating awareness about Indian Manufacturing Products, reasons for rupee fall and steps (precautions) that will increase the value of rupee.

      Foreign countries are purchasing the Raw materials from India and they are selling Final Products at high rates in India. By purchasing mostly Indian products we can stop rupee fall, rise in Petrol and Gold Prices. We created this platform so that every Indian manufacturing company can advertise their product here and we also create business need software tools to promote the product of yours.

     Our India Our products is designed to search largest range of Indian Manufacturing products under one platform to stop rupee fall (we tried to cover all sorts of products). By buying Indian products we can reduce the need to import other stuff up to certain extend and it will stop money going outside & will circulate the same within our nation.

You can’t Give Up all d Foreign Products. So Give up At least One Foreign Item for the sake of Our Country!!!!
                                                             Little drops make great Ocean!!!

Reasons of Rupee Fall
  • Basic law of economics.
  • Low forex reserves.
  • Price of crude oil.
  • Performance of dollar with respect to other currencies.
  • Volatility in the equity market.
  • Effects of equity market problems on investors.
  • Poor current account deficit.
  • Withdrawal of investors.
  • Downgrading of Indian stocks.
  • Condition of import bill.
  • Contraction of Indian economy.
  • Future prospects of INR.

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